Hawthorne Vineyards
Hawthorne is CLOSED for the season!
| We will be reopening in April of 2020! |



Great Lakes Wine & Spirits

Gerry DeVergilio

Bottle Shots & Information

Auxerrios Bottle Shot    Reserve Auxerrios:   Tech Sheet   

Pinot Blanc Bottle Shot    Pinot Blanc:   Tech Sheet   Shelf Talker

Pinot Grigio Bottle Shot   Pinot Grigio:   Tech Sheet   Shelf Talker

Chardonnay Bottle Shot   Chardonnay:   Tech Sheet   Shelf Talker

Chardonnay Bottle Shot   Barrel Reserve Chardonnay:   Tech Sheet 
Tres Belle Bottle Shot   Tres Belle Chardonnay:   Tech Sheet   Shelf Talker

Semi-Dry Gewürtztraminer Bottle Shot   Semi-Dry Gewürtztraminer:   Tech Sheet 

Select Harvest Riesling Bottle Shot   Select Harvest Riesling:   Tech Sheet  

Delish Bottle Shot   Delish:   Tech Sheet   Shelf Talker

Cherry Splendor Bottle Shot   Cherry Splendor:   Tech Sheet   

Rose Bottle Shot    Rosé:   Tech Sheet   

Gamay Bottle Shot   Gamay:   Tech Sheet   

Reserve Pinot Noir Bottle Shot   Reserve Pinot Noir:   Tech Sheet   Shelf Talker

Bruce's Blend Pinot Noir Bottle Shot   Bruce's Blend Pinot Noir:   Tech Sheet   

Reserve Cab Franc Bottle Shot   Reserve Cabernet Franc:   Tech Sheet   

Reserve Merlot Bottle Shot   Reserve Merlot:   Tech Sheet 
Reserve Cab Franc Merlot Bottle Shot   Cabernet Franc / Merlot:   Tech Sheet   

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